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Today’s Swiss neutrality, in action…

Is Switzerland still a neutral country?

>>> Here is the truth

Dear business owner

Have you read such headlines?

“Switzerland has broken its 200-year long neutrality policy
to sanction Moscow and its leaders”
[IndianExpress, 2022-03-04]

Forget the media… What do you REALLY know about Swiss neutrality?

Especially when established press companies are also misleading:
“In move to sanction Russia,
Switzerland breaks from long tradition”
[WashingtonPost, 2022-02-28]
“Swiss Ditch Historic Neutrality
to Enforce Russia Sanctions”
[Bloomberg, 2022-02-28]
“Swiss slap more sanctions on Russians
in line with EU”
[Reuters, 2022-03-16]


I’m really fed up with one-sided news.
Let me explain the TRUTH.
Not talking about the other side of a story is clearly misleading.
Switzerland is neutral, meaning the country is not “for” or “against” any third party.
The Swiss government has recently enforced sanctions on BOTH sides, Russia AND Ukraine.
You can check the official document (RS 946.231.176.72) dated the 4th of March 2022.
(click on the below image to see it – German / French / Italian versions)


“Neutrality means non-intervention. The term ‘neutral’ comes from Latin and is composed of the two words ‘ne’ (not) and ‘uter’ (either), i.e. ‘neither’”

Swiss President, Mr Ignazio CASSIS, has introduced a brochure about the neutrality of Switzerland with these words:

“Neutrality also has a legal dimension: Switzerland’s permanent neutrality is recognised in international law.

Equally, international law contains rules on what rights a neutral state is entitled to and what obligations it has when other states wage war.

Finally, neutrality also has a broader foreign and security policy dimension: Switzerland pursues a policy of neutrality in order to ensure its continued credibility as a neutral state.

This also includes the special role we play internationally by mediating and building bridges in cases of tensions

Take a look at “Swiss neutrality” brochure to really understand the application of this concept:

(click on the below image to see it – English version)



And to learn more about historical Swiss neutrality, especially over the last century, take a look at this document:
(click on the below image to see it – English version)


This is what you need to know about Swiss neutrality.

This long-lasting public policy is mainly to ensure the country’s protection and efficient international conflict mitigation.

More than 400 years without any war! Yes, Switzerland is the safest place in the world to establish and grow your business.


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