Loralie SA

Swiss Incorporation

Visibility & Credibility

Create a Swiss company and profit from its excellent reputation
in terms of reliability, credibility, transparency and visibility !


Swiss quality has a true and well-known reputation. As a matter of fact, this quality is really the result of a national effort to support safe values and criteria to the last and be successful...

Swiss Company

We take care of all aspects for the establishment of companies from our office and provide any required services in order to make them fully operative companies. These services include: provision of a resident professional director...


With Loralie SA, our experienced staff will provide comprehensive management services to your company to meet all statutory, administrative and legal obligations, ensuring the entity remains fully operational and up-to-date...

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Loralie SA provides the real support needed for the creation of your new company which will make your business more advanced than the usual administrative services. Current enterprise leaders who want an efficient...

About us

Who we are

Loralie SA, Switzerland, is a certified consulting and services company offering expertise in the field of international financial architecture. Our experts are there, already prepared and have studied the information...

Our values

Meaning we will always look for the best legal way to help our clients.
We will always support the Human rights throughout the word and go by the moto:
What makes the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

Custom made
We believe every person has their own identity and we take care of this and their
own culture, universe, background and point of view.

We are proud to include our clients as our partners.
“The goal” to make all of us flourish and prosper.

Our mission

Our mission covers the entire fiscal, economic, legal and structural issues you might be facing in the context of your business. We exist to support you where the complexity and specialization leaves no room for error...

How we work

We want to understand enough of your project, control the “edge effects” and anticipate the possible financial consequences. Once your questions arrives in our offices a specialist is assigned to you. He or she will be your personal correspondent for the continuation of the project. The intended benefit is the speed of action throughout the project…

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