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We are a solution oriented group

Loralie SA, Switzerland, is a certified consulting and services company offering expertise in the field of international financial architecture.

“Incorporating a Swiss company for my international activities?”, “Be more visible on the market”, “What is the most profitable structure for my companies?”, “Paying less taxes?”. These are some of the many subjects we are daily dealing with our clients and partners. Remember “A Swiss Company says a lot about you”.

Due to your own challenges you need direct answers to your questions with certainties that these responses remain valid in the long term and most importantly, that they take your interests into account.

It is exactly on this point that our efforts have been focused upon in recent years. Through our research and experience as an international financial consulting office, has concluded that:

  1. The short-term profit often hides micro-traps that have not been taken into account that become a financial and structural abyss after several years of operation.
  2. The only form of viable long-term partnership lies in close cooperation with our customers, a win-win situation

We thus create a working protocol and a range of services that meet the needs and establish the with confidence customers who have been scalded in the past by the climate of economic crisis, often misinformed about their solutions and their variants, but still looking for better competitiveness.

Our mission covers the entire fiscal, economic, legal and structural issues you might be facing in the context of your business.

Our sphere of activity ranges from Switzerland and extends to the world as far as Middle East, Asia, North and South America.

Switzerland is one of the preferred choices of corporations, entrepreneurs and investors. A company established in Switzerland and being part of a larger structure will not only benefit from the advantages offered by this country but will also gain an image of quality.

Our long-term customers appreciate the quality of our relationship and the accuracy of our responses.

We propose you a FREE analysis of your needs. Please contact us by email or directly by phone.

Our offices are located in Lausanne by the Leman Lake. Easily accessible either by train or by car, from Geneva or from Zurich, we are open from Monday till Friday from 8h30 am till 17h30 pm.

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