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How to proceed

Create your Swiss company

In few steps

Loralie SA provides the real support needed for the creation of your new company which will make your business more advanced than the usual administrative services. Current enterprise leaders who want an efficient smooth functioning of their company despite living with a pressured economic environment should have the competent support they need. We are here to assist you competently with these requirements.

  1. Please contact us for a free analysis of your specific situation.
  2. We will propose a tailor-made solution for you, which consists in the best financial and company architecture available
  3. You will first need to fill out the application form and submit to us
  4. One of our members of staff will send you an exact quotation for the service requested. upon payment of the fees for this service has been made and received
  5. Our qualified and trusted personnel will request and collect all the necessary documentation needed from you in confidence and initiate
  6. We will proceed with the incorporation of your company upon receipt of all the documents signed and notarized for the incorporation your Swiss Company which will be created within 10 to 15 working days

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