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With Loralie SA, our experienced staff will provide comprehensive management services to your company to meet all statutory, administrative and legal obligations, ensuring the entity remains fully operational and up-to-date.

In order to manage the complexity and diversity of markets, we offer a professional service in addition to the incorporation of your company(ies). You can delegate the maximum of legal, administrative, financial functions, even some operating functions, and thus entirely devote yourself to the true development of your business. Loralie SA is certified by Polyreg, who is regulated by FINMA which ensures the quality and safety of our relationship.

Company management

  • Provision of professional resident director. When creating a Swiss company there must be a Swiss resident manager.
  • On-going legal operation. Any type of legal requirement for the incorporation of the company or any type of legal document to be submitted at any stage of the operation of the company.
  • On-going administrative management. We take full or partial care of the administrative burden related to the operation of your company.
  • Bank introductions. Depending on your operation and activity we will propose the best adjusted bank taken from the large list of financial offices that are working with us.
  • Company transfer in Switzerland. In case you already have a Swiss company but need to change its legal location we take care of all administrative and legal aspects of this move.
  • Registered address. This will be the address of your company in Switzerland, managed locally, in the area that has been best chosen for your needs.
  • Company dissolution.

Financial consulting

  • Tax advices.
  • Activation and management of double tax treaties planning (Use of Double Tax Agreements). Switzerland has concluded over 90 DTT (Double Taxation Treaties) with all important industrial countries and numerous eastern European countries.

Additional competences

  • Real estate (buying – selling).
  • Application for a residence permit.
  • Expatriation (housing, school, insurance, etc.).

Office services

  • Financial declarations.
  • Domiciliation service (address, phone, fax).
  • Virtual office services.
  • Various company documents.
  • Swiss VAT.
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping.
  • Tax returns for Switzerland.
  • Payment of invoices.
  • Sending pay slips.


  • Legal and regulation.
  • ISO standards.


  • Staff selection.
  • Personnel management.


  • Relocation.
  • Immigration.
  • Move.
  • Schooling and training.

We can take care of many functions to assist you in many fields: commercial, logistics, administrative, legal, real estate, etc.

You then have a close and full partner whose goal is that you have a fully operational company structure.

You plan the administration of your business to create the highest level of efficiency possible? Our team will help you achieving this goal not only by reducing some of the administrative burden but especially in providing talent and additional skills to your business.

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