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Discover the 1st Swiss Act date back 1291

Dear business owner,
Since the first Swiss Act – dated 1291 – here is the mindset: 
I can pay him more…” 
That’s what I’ve heard from one of my clients. 
He wanted to pay “more” the tax specialist lawyer. A kind of “tip”, hoping to make his business case be accepted by fiscal administration.
I told him: 
Hum, proposing to pay more will not help. In fact, it will generate the opposite behavior from the lawyer!”
I had to explain to him that honor surpasses money in Switzerland. 
No need to backshish.
This comes from more than 730 years ago…  Way behind. Deeply integrated into our culture.
Yes, BUSINESS is important…
…but Honor stands above Money 
The main point is that the Swiss Act does not mention any commercial agreement, money payment, or exchange of any kind… 
…The local Swiss communities must help each other, should one of them be attacked. They must keep their word, at their own expense.  
See below a quote of this old document:
Each community shall help the other with every counsel and favor and at its own expense in the event of any assault on persons or goods within and without the valleys and to this end have sworn a solemn oath to uphold this agreement in confirmation and renewal of a more ancient accord.
You may have detected specific Swiss behaviors.
Now you know why.
Here in Switzerland, you only pay what is asked to get a premium service.


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