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Why Red Cross & Swiss flags are mistaken…

Red Flag with white cross


white flag with reg cross

>>> Here is the reason…

Dear business owner

Today’s quiz:

“Do you know why the Red Cross flag is so similar to the Swiss flag?”

Had a couple of people around me during a coffee break, arguing about the true origin of the Red Cross Flag.

One was claiming it came from the USA while the other replied:

“STOP telling Americans are always the best.”

I gently put down my coffee on the table and asked:

“Have you noticed that the Red Cross flag is nearly the same as the Swiss Flag? Except the colors are switched.” 

They stopped arguing and started listening to me.


I told them the Red Cross organization was founded in 1863 in Switzerland by a businessman named Henry Dunant.

The initial goal was to save wounded soldiers in the middle of the battlefields.

The 1st Geneva convention allowed the Red Cross teams to help any soldiers during any military conflict.

To avoid being attacked, Red Cross teams decided to use a special flag.

Swiss flag appeared as an inspiration for neutrality. They decided to replicate the same design but swapped the colors used:
– red cross on white background
instead of
– white cross on red background (Swiss flag).

By the way, in many movies they make mistakes. They use the wrong flag. Take a look next time you watch a movie.

The two people around me were surprised to realise that such a small country came up with the Red Cross organization. Still needed almost 160 years later.

By the way, figure out that in 1863 the USA still had SLAVES…

Nobody argued any more… I was like the Red Cross, entering in the middle of the fight to calm them down…

In Switzerland we have a strong culture of neutrality and an ever growing network of peacemakers in the world. Most of them are working behind closed doors to make a better world for everyone.

The Swiss people have been independent from any country since 1499 and proclaimed their neutrality in 1516 …. 500 years ago!

And it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Now you know… why Red Cross & Swiss flags look so similar… 

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