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Prosperity versus tax…

Swiss voted NO to a unfair tax……

>>> Are all Swiss entrepreneurs?

Dear business owner

Imagine a country…

… where most of the population KNOWS how the economy works!

… where people consider the group’s interests before their own.

… where voters say NO to a new tax applied to the wealthiest companies.


The young socialist party wanted a new tax law. To make it simple, the project was:

Tax more the capital of the wealthiest businesses…

… to lower the employees’ salary tax.

In fact, Swiss people know that if you tax the capital more, the companies will not grow as they should. So it would stop the companies from getting more business, eventually increase profit, and pay more tax.

As business owners, we know that if you increase the capital of the company it’s to design new products, invest in innovation, and open new markets. 

This also means more employees to hire, who will pay more income tax.

A truly virtuous circle. 

The new tax proposed was like sand in the gears of the machine, that’s why the Swiss voted NO. Despite the fact that most voters are employees, they would have gotten more money in the short term.


This shows that the Swiss population understands how the economy works, and makes the right decision to preserve it.

I am not claiming it, I’m proving it… in each message I send you.

Believe me, having a Swiss company is a perfect way to boost your business in the long run. Your assets are secured. The entire country is business-friendly.

What about YOUR country: is it really business-friendly?

If you answer NO, then let me help you open your own Swiss company.

The first step is to reach out to me. 



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