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How to pay your suppliers on time

Too much to do, and only 24 hours per day…

>>> Are you late in your payments?

Dear business owner

Do you experience crazy busy days

Do you get loads of “basic” business tasks?

A couple of months ago, one of my clients was in a total rush. Impossible to find a meeting date to check the accounting of his company. 

When we eventually met, he arrived at my office exhausted.

I said:  

Take a breath, sit down, and drink a coffee

He told me: 

“It took me the last 2 weekends to proceed with all payments”

Sure, I knew he had a lot of small payments to do, as he works with many suppliers for many small projects.


The more he got stressed, the more he made mistakes

… and the more mistakes, the more he got stressed.

We had to break this true vicious circle!

I proposed to him:

“From now on, give me all your invoices and we will handle them for you. I just need you to grant me access to the bank.” 

He looked at me, suddenly relaxed. He started to see all the daily hassle vanish.

We organized the process so that: 

  1. He keeps full control of his cash flow

  2. We do recurring, low-tech work => actually put the right figures in the right boxes, then double-check by another person to avoid any mistakes

  3. He just has to click to validate the prepared payments

I know it sounds “stupid simple”, but it works. 

He now has more time to get more business

He has stopped stressing out. 

I guess YOU probably have some low-tech or annoying tasks to proceed on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Don’t waste YOUR time and energy: it damages YOUR business.

Focus on your growth.
Focus on your true expertise.
Focus on what moves the needle… 

We back you up! 

We can create a customized service that fits exactly your needs. 

Pick up your phone, and tell me what could relieve your daily pain.

You will be surprised how one little help can make a huge difference.


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