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Do you really pay the “FAIR” price to your bank?

Do you really pay the “FAIR” price to your bank?

>>> Check before you transfer any securities.

Dear business owner

Last Monday, I almost had a heart attack

I was controlling the accounting of one of my clients. A dynamic international business transferring securities from one bank to another. 

I realized that the bank’s fees added up to nearly one year of profit on the securities. 

What are they doing to justify such HIGH fees?

Simply… transferring stocks, bonds, ETFs… to another bank!

Ok, in the old days, this operation used to take a lot of work. But today this is fully automated. A single click and it’s done. 

Why pay so much?

Here’s my advice: check the transfer fees of the two banks involved BEFORE deciding to transfer securities. 

You might win if you:

  1. sell the securities,
  2. transfer the cash to the new bank…
  3. then buy the same securities again with lower fees. 

Check it out!

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