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Lost key suppliers for stupid reasons?

Have you lost a critical supplier…
due to your country or nationality?

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Dear business owner

I was attending a business conference on “Facing challenges of emerging markets” when I heard someone yelling on the phone. 

Too close to my ears to ignore it!

This person was very angry.

He suddenly looked at me, rolled his eyes up. Then he asked on the phone: “Again the same problem?

I could hear a voice saying “YES!”. He hung up the phone, disappointed.

I smiled and asked him: “What’s your problem?

He took a big breath and explained to me the issue:

One of my major suppliers no longer wants to sell me his products… because I have a Russian company!”… 

New compliance rules, they said… but it sounds like their new CEO is racist.” 

I told him : “No matter the true reason… but I know a way to help you make business with any supplier.

We sat down, got a good plan

Hard stops can be a nightmare to handle… or lead to new opportunities if you’re smart.

I opened up his own Swiss company. 

Doing so, his major suppliers agreed to sell their products to his Swiss company. Then he could sell… from his Swiss company to his Russian company, where production stands. 

Problem SOLVED.

Clever trick. Now his business is 10 x bigger!

Yes, for some people… country or nationality does matter. But if you find a way to turn it to an advantage, then your competitors will be left far behind!

Do you face similar business challenges?

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