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Imagine your country under attack…

Is your country “unstable”?
What is your plan to be prepared?

>>> How to save your business,
and secure your assets… for good.

Dear business owner

Last week, I was tasting a new coffee flavor when I got a very unusual call…

I picked up the phone. My client was scared, I could see drops of sweat on his forehead!

His country was under attack. Imagine.

Well it’s one thing to see it on a TV… and another to hear this breaking news from your client. Crazy!

He was panicked, desperately looking for help. His whole business was in danger. His assets were no longer secure.

Luckily for him, I had a solution.

I got a Swiss company to transfer all his assets. To secure it all in a safe and stable country. So that he could move abroad if necessary and still be able to run his business.

Good news: I had another client who owned a Swiss company but was not using it.

Well, in a heartbeat I was able to call him… and tell him I needed his “dormant company”. We quickly agreed on the sales price and within a day, I had a Swiss company available to secure all assets of my desperate client.

The paperwork was done within 24h. He escaped right afterwards with his family, as things were getting worse and worse in his country.

What a danger! What a sprint! But I was glad I could help him.

I do not hold a bunch of “dormant companies” in case a business owner suddenly needs one. It takes time to incorporate a company. So it’s very important to be able to evaluate risks. To have a “B plan” just in case.

A Swiss company is like a SAFE.

You can put all your assets, no matter where you live.

Ok, it’s not an offshore company so you still have to pay some tax on your profits (less than 14% nowadays) BUT that’s the right choice to SECURE your assets. You no longer risk losing everything.

Be prepared. Just in case.

Get your own Swiss company.

Since 1815, Switzerland has been considered a neutral country. Away from any wars. More than 200 years of peace and stability.

Save your business. Secure your assets.

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