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Imagine bank LOCKS your account!

When your company
suddenly becomes “persona non grata”…

>>> Follow this emergency plan

Dear business owner

Imagine you suddenly can’t pay your employees and suppliers. 

Not because money is missing…

but you no longer have access to it!

Money is flowing in, thanks to loyal customer payments, but it’s impossible to get it out. 

Your bank account is locked. You’re “poor”. 

No wires. No credit card. No cash. 


If you do not quickly solve the issue, your business is down

You know it:

  • employees leave the company, 
  • production of goods and service stop, 
  • suppliers sue you…


If you’re not prepared, the business you’ve patiently developed is dead. The value of your assets shrinks in days.

This happens every year to thousands of business owners.

One of my oldest clients just experienced this critical issue.

He called me in total panic. 

The bank suddenly locked his business account without any notice… 

What happened?

The risk department of the bank decided to stop working with some jurisdictions. Bad luck, the company was incorporated in one of these “black listed” countries..

Even if he owns an active company, with staff and accounting done, a “normal” company with substance…

“breathe a good slump of  fresh air” … I told him, to calm him down, 

“We will find a solution” 

We defined the following 3-step emergency plan:

  • step 1 – Open a Swiss company
  • step 2 – Prove to the bank the new incorporation process 
  • step 3 – Transfer assets to the bank of the Swiss company 

That was short but we made it. 

It was a good business & life lesson: nobody is safe!

If YOUR company is registered in a country that is “black listed”…
… you’re currently at risk

Problem is: there is not only 1 single list to check. For anti-money laundering compliance, 3 different lists must be checked… 

Plus… international compliance rules are quickly changing. Every bank has its own interpretation and specific compliance rules.

You have to anticipate

We can help out, but the sooner the easier. 

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