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Change of Bank

The bill is salty for investors.

Investors pay prohibitive fees when transferring securities from one bank to another.


When an investor transfers his securities to another bank, it costs him dearly. The cause: the transfer fees.


As a comparison from K-Geld magazine shows, only two banks do not charge such fees: VZ Banque de Dépôt and the Cantonal Bank of Aargau.


The others charge up to 167 francs per security, that is to say per company in the case of shares or per debtor in the case of bonds.


The transfer of about twenty securities can therefore lead to the disbursement of several thousand francs.

Previously, this operation required work, but today it is done with a single click.


The price watchdog therefore has transfer fees in his sights: “I understand that in the eyes of consumers, these fees are primarily aimed at preventing a change of bank,” he said.


Source : VZ news 124, June 2021, p6, vzch.com